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About Us

About Us

BELAKU FOUNDATION is a not-to-profit, non-governmental organization started in the month of October 2020, based out of Bangalore. Belaku Foundation as our tagline says- To Serve People…,

Belaku Foundation was born out of the desire of a group of friends who have come together to make a difference.

It started with an intension of reaching out to needy people in Rural and Tribal villages, to work for their livelihood, health, education and other betterments.

Board of Trustees

Prathima Devi S

Founder – Belaku Foundation

Naveen Kumar V

Founder – Belaku Foundation

We have been working on various projects to help the rural tribes / villages.

We have worked some projects in the past like grocery distribution, computers for govt schools, Books and stationeries for kids in rural, Solar lights for rural schools/tuition houses etc. We have made small yet very effective programs in rural areas.

During such programs we have observed that rural Karnataka is also affected very severely by the pandemic. Now with the reverse migration of people to villages the situation is alarming. With limited resources the struggle in rural areas is still greater. We wish to focus our efforts to help augment the bare resources in rural areas.

Want to make a difference?

Belaku Foundation team work tirelessly to provide Education, Healthcare, Food and basic much needed essential facilities to the one who badly in need of. To do this, we need financial aid and support from the public.

Help us raise money for our humanitarian causes

Your contribution really helps to bring a smile in someone’s life.

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Bank Transfer / Online Transfer

Account Name : Belaku Foundation
Bank Name : State Bank of India
Current Account No.:  40004883380
IFSC Code:  SBIN0011282

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